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Axilixi® The Basics

发布时间:2014/6/28 11:24:31
The Basics

Wheat flour is the main ingredient for making
Asian noodles. About three parts of flour are usually mixed with one part of
salt or alkaline salt solution to form  a crumbly dough. The dough is
compressed between a series of rolls to form a dough sheet. The gluten network
is developed during the sheeting process, contributing to the noodle texture.
The sheeted dough is then slit to produce noodles. The noodles are now ready
for sale, or are further processed to prolong shelf life, to modify eating
characteristics or to facilitate preparation by the consumer. In the
preparation of instant fried noodles, the steaming process causes the starch to
swell and gelatinize. The addition of alkaline salts (kansui, a mixture of sodium and potassium
carbonates) in some Chinese type noodles gives them a yellow color and a
firmer, more elastic texture.