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Axilixi,as an esteemed name in the relevant industry, We are a trusted Foodstuff manufacturer, supplier and exporter Fresh Noodle, Handmade Noodles, Japanese Ramen Noodles, Chinese Ramen Noodles and ready to sell worldwide from china since 2015

Produced under advanced techniques and equipments, Axilixi ramen can retain its great taste and texture,just like freshly handmade noodles after refrigerators(under 5 °c 38 °f ).

Axilixi,Multiple varieties and tastes of fresh noodle series are best-seller at southeast asia,US and Canada etc. 
Our advanced equipment imported from Japan, mature production chain strictly follow the international health standards and pass US FDA inspection and HALAL

It's trustworthy safe food for consumer. We welcome you as our sole agent, share the delicious and show healthy lifestyle.